Jenny Mullis, a School of Nursing graduate from the Class of 2011, just finished her first tour on Africa Mercy, a floating hospital ship which is a part of Mercy Ships. She is the third PBA nursing graduate to do so and the Fall 2017 Current–the PBA Alumni publication–will feature all three.

After graduation, Jenny worked as a nurse on a pediatric oncology unit in St. Petersburg, Florida. Although she loved working with the children there, she felt like there was more for her to do among the under-served.  So last year she left that job, flew to Madagascar (a large island off the east coast of Africa) and took a position on Africa Mercy.

Here, working on  the orthopedic unit, she encountered diseases and problems seldom seen in American hospitals–benign facial tumors that so disfigured people that they were shunned and hidden away by their families, untreated cleft-lips and palates, and more. “They told us not to look at the deformity, to look into the patient’s eyes,” said Mullis. The surgeries performed on Mercy Ships by volunteer surgeons coupled with the care and love of nurses like Mullis, transform the lives and futures of the patients allowing them to feel whole and accepted and again be a part of their communities.

Jenny is home for a 2 month leave, but intends to return to Africa Mercy next month. This time they will be serving the country of Benin in west Africa. Like all of the other volunteers on Mercy Ships, Mullis depends on donations to fund her work. “I would like to keep going as long as I can,” she said. “I really love it.”

You can donate to Mercy Ships at the website at To help pay for Jenny’s cost of volunteering, which is $600 per month, donate to her directly at

Jenny’s story was recently featured in the Palm Beach Post (8/5/2016).  Read the entire article here.

Read her blog at shinebrightmercy.blogspot.come