After breakfast, we started our day off with a devotion this morning. Alex reminded us of The importance of remembering the gospel.

We then hit the road for our 2.5 hour drive to Mira Flores. We had 6 groups present in the school in the morning. They presented on oral hygiene, hand washing, sun exposure/dehydration, vision, healthy heart and lungs. The smiles spread as the kids heard their heartbeats through the stethoscopes.

After lunch at the church we hiked through the mountainous terrain to go to the houses that were in need. A referral ticket to see the doctor was given to those that had significant medical needs and a food ticket to each family in need. Hypertension, diabetes, parasites, chronic pain, and ulcers were amongst some of the health needs seen in one of the groups today.

We made it back for a late dinner and debriefed about our day. It is amazing to hear about how God impacted our team members.

Our students did an incredible job educating, assessing, and loving their patients today.

We look forward to tomorrow and as always we are very thankful for all of your prayers!