God has been doing beautiful things here in El Salvador! We started our day off with a devotion about the uniqueness of God’s love in the story of raising Lazarus. We then headed out in the bus to a local school where our students again taught 1st-9th grade on health topics. 

One of my favorites things to see is when at the end of the health presentations our students use that topic to share the gospel. I walk from classroom to classroom and hear our hand washing presentation turn into how Jesus is the soap for our hearts and makes us clean. The little kids listen as another group shares how we have air in our lungs that we breathe in. In the same way, God breathes life into us. He is the one who sustains life and all we do is believe and follow our maker.

It’s a beautiful thing to see medicine be the bridge to the gospel. 

We then returned to King’s Castle for lunch and after headed out to the surrounding community to do home visits. Groups today saw patients with hypertension, helped clean a wound of a father and son who got in a motorcycle accident this morning, and referred others to the clinic. 

Today was very special because we were able to see Stephen again. Stephen is a little boy that we found a couple years back that had significant needs. We were able to raise support and monitor his progress over the last couple years. He went from crawling on all fours to being able to stand independently. His grandmother Reina told me that he has been standing and can take up to 5 steps on his own. A dream of hers that is now a reality. She was incredibly thankful for all of the love and support as she thanked us repeatedly with tears streaming down her face.  

We finished today off after dinner with a worship night on the rooftop here at the campus. Thank you for your continued prayers as we minister here in El Salvador!