Today was our last day of ministry and we spent it on the mountain again in Potrerillos but this time we were half way up the mountain at the school and church. Our students presented their service learning projects at the school in the morning and they shared the gospel with each presentation.

After the school we went to visit houses in the surrounding areas. We hiked the mountain and found houses where no one would ever imagine a house would be. We were able to refer patients to the mobile clinic that was set up in the church. We saw patients with wounds, respiratory illnesses, alcohol addiction, gastrointestinal problems, parasites, and skin infections. 

Patients slowly trickled into the clinic as we returned from the houses and we were able to distribute the food bags to the families. They thanked us again and again as they gave us hugs. Their walk home with a full bag of food was more difficult than our trek but they were so grateful for the food that all they showed were smiles. It was beautiful. 

The work that our team accomplished this week was astonishing, and it was all fueled by the grace of God. Although we were physically tired, our students gave 110%. 

Tomorrow is our free day and we will be spending it at a beach on the coast of El Salvador in a town called La Libertad. We will rest well reflecting on all the beautiful things God did in our lives this week.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers for this week, we look forward to returning home to share these stories with you.