This morning we had breakfast and a devotion. Then we stocked up the bus with food bags and our clinic supplies. 
Today we were in a mountainous region in a community called Mira Flores. It was more rural than the community yesterday with dirt roads and beautiful fruit trees. We set up our clinic in the church and sent the teams out to refer patients. 
The teams had so many amazing stories of how the Holy Spirit moved through them. We prayed for every household. People came to know The Lord today! 
Students were permitted to assess pregnant women. The mother’s face lit up as they were able to hear their baby’s heartbeat for the first time through the student’s stethoscope. Patients were screened for hypertension and diabetes in the clinic. Initial spiritual distress turned into peace and joy through the work of the Holy Spirit. Smiles were brought to the children’s faces as team members engaged in loving like Jesus loves. It was beautiful. 
Many tears were shed today, tears of joy for the opportunity to be apart of declaring the glory of God among the nations! We saw God work miracles today in the lives of the patients and our King’s Castle staff. Our national team passionately prayed over us on the bus ride home and the presence of God was incredibly manifested. 
We had a time to debrief tonight and a time of worship. We are so ready to go back out tomorrow! 
The team members greatly appreciate your prayers and support. Your comments are seen and cherished by the members. Thank you! We are so excited to share more with you as this week unfolds.