This morning we had a delicious breakfast that consisted of eggs, beans, rolls, and fruit. Alex Geesey led an awesome devotion for us before leaving for the day. 
Today we worked in Mira Flores, the same town from yesterday, but we surveyed different sections. Our team was able to assist the church with their children’s feeding program. 
The teams went from house to house assessing for high acuity patients that would benefit from Dr Boris’ treatment. We prayed for every household. Dr Boris told us that 67 patients were treated in the community, 60 bags of food were distributed, and 6 people came to know The Lord for the first time. Team members worked together on their teams to meet spiritual and physical needs. 
Tomorrow we will be traveling in cattle trucks to Portorillos a community up the mountain behind our campus. The community is considered to be a poorer community that is in need of medical care. We will be there for the next two days. 
Thank you for your prayers!