This morning we had french toast and fruit for breakfast. Many have enjoyed the delicious coffee at the camp. Kannia led us in a beautiful devotion this morning. 
Today we worked in Porterios. It was a mountainous community with steep inclines and breath taking views. We rode in cattle trucks up the mountain to get to the church. Once we arrived we unpacked our clinic and set up each section to accommodate patients. 
We climbed up and down the mountain to bring the good news of Jesus to the village people. Blisters, falls, and laughter filled our day as we were stretched by the foreign terrain (Florida is flat!). 
Many people needed medical care and food. The clinic operated smoothly as they triaged, treated, and prayed for patients. People came to know The Lord today and our team members were key instruments used by God to make known His glory among the nations. 
Once we came back to the campus we were allowed to go to the volcanic lake to swim. We had the best time flying through the air on the trapeze and letting go to fall into the lake below. A few even mastered some flips. Tonight was papusa night and it was also Robbie’s birthday so we had a surprise ice cream came for him. The locals celebrated his birthday el salvadorian style by throwing him up in the air 24 times. It was a great time! 
We also had an optional prayer fortress night of worship. The Holy spirit moved through our hearts and the presence of God was so amazing! It is definitely a night that we won’t forget. 
Tomorrow we will also be in this community! Please keep is in prayer as this is our last day of ministry. Thank you for your prayers and support!