This morning yet again breakfast was delicious. Matt did a great job in leading our team devotion. 
Sadly today was our last ministry day on the mountain. We set up our clinic and sent out our teams. Patients trickled in to the triage and doctor Boris found the best treatment for each patient. Each patient was spiritually counseled and prayed for by the masters commission team. The patients picked up their prescriptions from the pharmacy and also received a bag of food. The people walked from far distances to get there and they were so appreciative of the care provided. The team ended strong and gave all they had to scale the mountain to preach the good news. Our team members were used by God to make known His glory to the nation of El Salvador. 
Overall for this week: 136 patients were treated, 145 bags of food were distributed, and 17 people came to know Jesus for the first time. 
We had a beautiful surprise dinner overlooking the volcanic lake. Tonight was our farewell service. Many tears were shed as we said goodbye to the amazing national team that worked with us all week. 
Thank you to all for your support. We will be back in the states tomorrow. Look forward to all the amazing stories that your loved one has!