Today we loaded up the cattle truck and set off for the community called las minas. In the morning we went to a school and we taught on how to wash your hands, sun exposure, dehydration, oral hygiene, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We gave out tooth brushes and played soccer with the highly skilled boys. We also left the school with a soccer ball, which was a huge thrill for the kids. 
After lunch we traveled a bit further up the mountain and started our house visits. Hypertension, burns, diabetes, hopelessness, hunger, and infections were some of the things our team encountered. We prayed for each family, we gave out tickets for food bags, and tickets for the clinic in which we will be working tomorrow. 
There was an older man that did not have family, he said they call him worthless because he is not able to work. We wanted to give him a ticket for food but he said that he didn’t want to eat because it hurts too much. He didn’t want to eat because the start of the cycle of starvation is painful and the longer you go without eating the easier it becomes. He knew he didn’t have a consistent food source so he would rather not start the process all over again. He accepted starvation, he was hopeless. We told him of his value, that he was made in the image of God, and that God cared so deeply for him that he sent his only son Jesus to die for him. We prayed with him and walked with him back down the mountain. As we were leaving he said he might come tomorrow to get a food bag. 
There were many stories that our groups encountered today. We met many beautiful people and we loved on them. Tomorrow we will be in the clinic working with the patients that received a clinic ticket. We will also give out the food bags tomorrow. 
Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to serve the people of El Salvador this week.