We woke up this morning to the sound of roosters and the sight of the mist rising from the lake. Today we worked in the clinic. We had groups that rotated from triage, to pharmacy, and then to the stock room. We organized the stock room, made hygiene bags to take out tomorrow, and we assembled the mobile clinic that we will be taking up the mountain on Thursday. 
Students took blood pressures and weights for the doctor. They helped dispense meds with the pharmacy tech. They participated in wound care. They gave injections. We helped treat a room consistently full of patients that overflowed to the path outside the clinic. We gave out food bags to the people from yesterday that received a food ticket. Overall, it was a great experience for all of the students. 
Story update: the older man mentioned in the previous post from las minas came to the clinic today to get a food bag. 
God has opened our eyes to the needs here. It has been an emotional day. Please pray that the Lord will enable us to meet the spiritual, physical, and the emotional needs of the people of El Salvador. We will be traveling up the mountain tomorrow on the cattle truck to the community of Portrerillos. 
Our internet has been out for the past day. Loss of wifi is a common occurrence. We will do our best to update you when wifi is available. 

Thank you for your support!