This morning Robbie led us in a devotion and Holly led us in worship before we left for the day. Today our team members were visiting houses, helping in the clinic, and educating in the schools. 

Our team members did an incredible job educating in the schools! Lice checks were done, and many students were notified that they had lice and that they could be treated at the clinic. 

Many patients were seen at the clinic and our patients were able to rotate through triage, exams with doctor Boris, and the pharmacy. 

House visits were done in the local communities around the campus. Patients were assessed, educated, and referred when appropriate to the clinic. Each family was prayed for and the gospel was presented. 

We were finally able to swim in the lake after we finished our work today! We were able to swing off the trapeze into the beautiful lake below. To end our day we had a wonderful dinner, debriefed, and spent some time relaxing in the snack shop. 

Tomorrow we will be working in the clinic, educating in the schools, and visiting houses. 

Thank you for following our journey, and thank you for your prayers!