We had another wonderful day working in the schools, clinic, and visiting houses around the campus. Our students triaged and provided nursing care to the many patients in the clinic. A few were able to sit in with the dentist to watch procedures. 

The teams that visited houses assessed, referred, and prayed for their patients. There was a man that lived across from the clinic and had not seen a doctor in years. Our team came in, assessed, and found that he had severe neuropathy. He went directly to the clinic to receive care. 

There was another man that had a past medical history of 4 strokes. He had weakness on one side and his wife was his care taker. Our students were able to educate this man and his wife about the risk factors of stroke and the signs and symptoms to know when someone is having a stroke. They had never been told about risk factors or signs/symptoms. 

We also witnessed the heart breaking reality that many patients experience here when there is no hospice, or resources for palliative care. There was a man with a terminal liver disease on the ground outside the clinic in excruciating pain, he was waiting for a way to get home. As a team we prayed for this man and we assisted him to a standing position to move him into the shade to make him more comfortable. 

Our students did an amazing job educating in the schools again today! They are boldly walking into the classrooms with multiple students/varying age groups and they are providing top notch education. Many of the kids wanted to know more about Jesus after the presentations. 

We ended today with an encouraging debrief and an awesome time of worship. 

Tomorrow we will be loading up the cattle trucks to climb up the mountain to the community called porterillos ariba. We will be in the school there, visiting houses, and setting up a mobile clinic. 

We thank you for your prayers! We are excited to get out there tomorrow to share the truth of the gospel and to love on the people of porterillos.