Today was our first ministry day and it went very well! We were in a mountainous community called porterillos arriba.

After our morning devotional, we loaded the cattle truck and started to slowly drive up the mountain with our food bags and medical supplies. A mobile clinic was stationed in the church while our teams split up and made house visits to assess for patient needs. Patients were assessed, educated, referred, and prayed for in each house. We saw extremely high blood sugars, high blood pressures, respiratory illnesses, chronic pain, provided wound care, and assessed many spiritual needs. 

The patients that were severe enough to refer were given tickets to the mobile clinic while houses that were in need were given tickets to our food bag distribution. 

We all met back at the church overlooking the beautiful lake below where we were able to play with the kids. They had a blast playing with beach balls and a parachute. 

The food bags were distributed after all the patients were seen and after saying many good byes we made our way back down the mountain. 

We came back to the campus and jumped or you can say “trapezed” into the lake before dinner to help shower and cool off. 

We had a lasagna dinner and debriefed about our day.

Tomorrow we will be making house visits and will possibly be educating in the schools. Thank you so much for your prayers!