Our team learned today that there are two things that make you really tired really fast and combining them is just dangerous: hiking up mountains and playing with kids. Our work today consisted of many house visits and presenting in the school a second time to four classrooms with different kids. To be honest, in the presentations we can get wrapped up in how we are coming to this country to bless these people and educate them (and we are), but we’ve learned a lot being here from these people and they have blessed us so much. Their concern for their families and friends over their possessions is one thing that we have gained much wisdom from. People last, possessions don’t. The wiser investment is to store up treasures in heaven (treasuring and serving people) rather than storing up treasures on earth (treasuring possessions). Many Christians in this country understand the joy of living to serve others rather than get caught up in serving self.

The schools are fun to say the least. Our presentations were about ten minutes long and after, we shared the gospel with the students and taught them some of the results of the gospel (i.e. How the Spirit comes to live in them and comfort them in hard times and rejoice with them in the good times). Playing with the kids can get a little rough. When you play soccer with them, fouls don’t really exist. You get beat up as an American playing soccer with these kids, but it’s all worth it because it helps spread the love of Christ. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us and so while we are yet getting fouled we should love these kids.

The last thing we did as a team was distribute the food bags that we packed the first day we got here. This was a huge blessing because it lessens the load for these people for quite some time. Seeing the eyes of the people who received bags today was better than words can describe and is worth more than all the money in the world. After a long day, the team is getting a bit more time to rest than average, and it is very needed. They are all working so hard and learning so much about what it means to be a nurse and care for the mind, body, and spirit of another human being.