As someone has said, “work hard, rest well.” We did the latter part of that quote today, and we did it well. Today we went to a place called, “Atami.” It’s a beautiful resort near the Pacific Ocean. One of my favorite things is a pool overlooking the ocean that lies embedded within the rocks right near the beach. Waves crash against the rocks and fly into the pool. Bri caught a small shrimp in that pool today! She still managed to catch something in the ocean, even on a mission trip. Another highlight was playing the game, “jackpot” on the beach which consists of throwing a football into a crowd of people to see who gets it in the end. We had about 12 people playing and it was one of those “had to be there” kind of moments. It was the best game of jackpot I’ve ever played. However, nothing can pass simply lying in a hammock overlooking the entire ocean, while sipping on a strawberry mango smoothie. On the seventh day, the Lord rested, and we think it’s important to give our team a sabbath rest for all their hard work this past week.