Today we worked in a rural community called Mira Flores. In the morning we visited a school that had about 120 kids. Our students were broken up into 4 groups and they presented to each class about the importance of hand hygiene, oral care, hydration, and the other group explained the physiology of the heart and lungs. Some kids were able to hear their heart beats and breath sounds for the first time today. We then set up a mobile clinic in the local church and sent out 3 groups to assess patients in the surrounding houses. Mira Flores is in a mountainous region, and coming from Florida we sure got our fill of hiking haha. Patients made their way to the clinic and were treated by Dr. Boris. Our students were also able to distribute the food bags that were packed yesterday. The people were so grateful! It was a 2 hour bus ride home which made it a long day, but it was filled with beautiful stories. Tomorrow we will board the cattle truck and head up the mountain near the lake campus to set up a mobile clinic.