This morning we went to 2 schools and our team did their presentations. There were multiple grades with different age groups but our students did well engaging each class and providing education. 

We worked closer to the lake campus clinic so after the schools we did house visits to assess and refer patients to Dr. Boris. Hypertension, diabetes, colds, pain, and fever were some ailments referred. Each group has unique stories from their house visits as each patient is a person with a story. 

One story that we are blessed to be a part of is Stephen’s story. Last year one of our groups discovered a 5 year old non-verbal autistic boy that lived higher up on the mountain. He had limited mobility and was not able to walk. After assessing him we determined that if he had a mobility device, he would be able to strengthen his legs and potentially have the ability to walk. He lived in an impoverished home with his grandparents because his birth mom abandoned him. They struggle to make ends meet and having a child with special needs makes it difficult to keep food on the table. He is deeply loved by them and they do their best to meet his needs with the little that they have. After coming home we were able to raise funds to provide an adaptive stroller, walker, briefs, food, and clothing for this little boy. They were taken to him in June and Stephen was able to take his first steps on his own. 

This year our team had the privilege of being a part of his story again. We distributed 2 posterior walkers to him, and spent time playing with him blowing bubbles (which is a new favorite activity of his) and encouraging the family. We arrived just in time because he had used his original walker so much that it was falling apart. We fitted him and he stood up holding on to the posterior walker, looked around, took a few steps and a big smile suddenly appeared on his face. It was a beautiful moment. He was so joyful and it’s smiles like his that remind us all the sacrifices we give for the sake of others are worth it.

Later at the clinic we were able to distribute 25 more foods bags to the people who we assessed earlier or those who were in need. These bags provide great relief and enable the people to complete other projects as their food supply is covered for a given amount of time.

Tomorrow we will be going back up the mountain to portrellios a bajo to work in a school and to do house visits. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!