Roseanne Jean Pierre chose to volunteer for a week long camp to fulfill some of her Community Nursing Clinical hours. She chose Camp Boggy Creek, a camp that is designed for campers who would not otherwise ever attend a camp due to their physical challenges. Roseanne was paired up with one camper–her Pal– for the entire week. The week she volunteered the camp program was targeted for campers with severe asthma or other respiratory problems that precluded their participation in most camps. Her job was to ensure the safety and well-being of her pal while making sure that he had a wonderful and memorable camp experience.

Below are some of her thoughts after participating in the camp:

  • My desire to be a nurse stems from my desire to serve the Lord. I know the Lord has called me to integrate the love of Christ in my quality of care and help spread that love to each person I encounter. At Camp Boggy Creek, I got the opportunity to meet new people, share my professional nursing values and Christian worldview with different families from all over the world!
  • Part of healthcare informatics includes improving quality and safety of those in our care and as a volunteer at Boggy Creek Camp, it was my duty to be responsible for the general well-being of all the people I work with, especially my assigned pal.
  • It was also my mission to be accountable for ensuring all of the participants have an enjoyable time while still remaining free from injury and trauma. At Camp Boggy Creek, I had to make logical and ethical decisions to provide comprehensive care to all of the campers at Camp Boggy Creek, while also keeping them safe.
  • The knowledge I have acquired thus far in my nursing education has taught me much more than just critical thinking. I have also learned how to prioritize and to carefully listen to patients. Many times we primarily focus of the physical needs and fail to analyze and evaluate their mental and spiritual needs as well. The holistic approach of nursing, focusing on mind, body, and spirit, has helped me to see nursing as a synchronized art that examines all components of the human body and I was able to apply this approach at my experience at Camp Boggy Creek.

This  self-directed study path is part of an initiative started by Community Clinical coordinator Kathy Megrath  to allow nursing students to choose community clinical experiences that fit with their interests.  Roseanne is the first student to take advantage of this opportunity outside of a medical mission trip.