It is our pleasure to announce that we have some new faculty on board in the SON!

To help you to get to know these professors a little better, here is a short bio for each one:

Bri Andrassy is now an assistant professor in our School of Nursing. She completed all of her education at Palm Beach Atlantic University, graduating with her Bachelors in 2013, her Masters in 2016, and her Doctor of Nursing Practice in 2017. Her specialties in the field include experience working as a medical surgical nurse and a pediatric psych nurse. She currently works with children who have autism. She also dabbles in third world medicine when she works with a doctor over in El Salvador. She decided to study nursing after she realized that she wanted to be a missionary. After spending much time overseas, she consistently saw the need for medical care outside of the US. Her goal was to complete nursing school in order to utilize her nursing skills overseas. She then realized that she wanted to be a nursing professor during her senior year of college. It was this year that the SON started the El Salvador medical mission trip, and she had been wanting to see that trip continue for many years to come. She started to adjunct after her first year of her DNP and has aspired to be in full-time academia ever since. Her favorite part about teaching nursing students is realizing how much of an impact teaching has on not only the students and herself, but also their future patients. Every time she attends a commitment or pinning ceremony she is reminded of this, and she knows that the minds and hands of her students will make a bigger impact that she ever could on her own. It is precisely this that fuels her own love for teaching.

Lisa Sebar is now an assistant professor in our School of Nursing. She completed her BSN degree at Wagner College in Staten Island, NY in May of 1996, and completed her MSN in Nursing Education from Florida Atlantic University in May of 2014. Her specialties in the field include neurological and orthopedic nursing. She has also spent some time in telemetry. She decided to study nursing at a very young age and truly knew nursing was her calling when she cared for her grandfather who suffered from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. She then realized that she wanted to be a professor when she had her first clinical experience with students in August of 2005. Being able to see the students learn and grow as professionals is something that cannot always be explained, but she loves the ability to be at the bedside of the students and being a small part of the journey in assisting to shape the future of nursing. Witnessing the excitement when a student is able to apply something they learned and seeing how a patient lights up when a student nurse takes the time to listen and care makes her proud. She feels very blessed to have been called to this journey with nursing students.

Sarah Stevens is now an associate professor in our School of Nursing. She completed her undergrad at St. Francis  Medical Center College of Nursing in Peoria, IL, and her DNP was completed just recently at PBA. (Woot Woot!) She has always been an ICU nurse, and she is also a CPTC (Certified Procurement and Transplant Coordinator), which is a national certification for those who work with organ donation. She always knew she wanted to be in healthcare. Her dad was an orthopedic surgeon and her mom is a women’s health nurse and teacher. She grew up watching “The Joy of Childbirth” and total knee surgeries on video. She started working in the healthcare field herself before she was 18 years old. She has been a pharmacy tech and unit secretary. I guess you could say that passion for the medical field runs in her blood! She has always loved teaching and knew that she wanted to be a professor because, once again, it runs in her blood. Her mom and sister are teachers. Her dad mentored several DO students and mentored her through her undergrad program. She loves to teach others about what she knows so that they will continue to teach others. When this opportunity presented itself, it was an easy decision for her. Her favorite part about teaching nursing students is seeing their faces when they really get it. The moment when a concept finally clicks to them. She also lives seeing them make a difference in a patient’s course of care and how they make a difference to that patient. She also loves being able to instill her passion for nursing into them.