Professional Websites

One of Palm Beach Atlantic University’s (PBA) guiding principles is free enterprise.  As healthcare becomes more and more centralized, it is easy to start thinking of a professional as person who is polite or wears the right clothes rather than a person with specialized knowledge who controls their own practice.  We think that one of the best ways for a professional to to maintain control over their practice is to speak directly to potential healthcare consumers.  We feel so strongly about it that we require our DNP students to maintain professional websites while in the program.  This page has some resources that our students can use to help create and enhance their online professional presence.

Dr Heyman’s Guide

PBA’s own Dr Heyman has put together an ongoing guide that walks students through how to choose a domain name, create an account, install WordPress, and add your first content.  He also has guides on what to write, and how to write for the web.  He continues to add new content.

Dr Heyman’s guide on his website.

Tom Woods’ Guide

Tom Woods has a Ph.D. from Harvard but left academia to pursue the life of an internet entrepreneur.  He has a podcast, blog, and a membership site that provides history and economics education.  He has a free beginner’s guide to starting a blog.

Tom Woods’ Website Guide

John Lee Dumas’s WordPress Video Tutorials

John Lee Dumas has a daily podcast that interviews successful entrepreneurs from all over the world.  To help budding entrepreneurs, John commissioned a WordPress Video Tutorial Series.  If you plan on using your website to host a podcast he also has a free podcasting course as well.

John Lee Dumas’ Video Tutorials on how to use WordPress
Free Podcasting course (requires e-mail registration; they’ll send you a PDF.  Actual course content starts around page 11.)

Other Internet Resources

One of the best ways to make your site more relatable is to post photos with as many posts as you can. Take advantage of WordPress’ featured image.

Free Image Sites: (free for small versions only. requires attribution)

Making graphics:
Once you have a cool image, why not customize it with some text.  Make your own meme.  These are also good for sharing on Facebook.  Here is a review of several of the most popular apps for image/meme creation.

Custom Graphics, Music, and voiceovers:
One day you may decide that you want to make your website, podcast, or videos a little more professional.  Here are some sources of professional design, music, and voiceovers.